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Corporate Governance

Akademiska Hus (publ) is a property company that is wholly owned by the Swedish state. The Company bases its corporate governance on the application of Swedish law, the State’s ownership policy and guidelines for companies with state ownership, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and the Articles of Association.

Akademiska Hus’ remit is to own, develop and manage properties for colleges and universities, where the primary focus is on education and research. To ensure that the Company achieves its objectives, corporate governance must reflect a clear division of responsibilities among the owner, the Board of Directors and management. This corporate governance report describes the structure and processes for governance and control of operations.

The ‘Guidelines for terms and conditions of employment for senior executives in state-owned companies’ are applied with respect to remuneration to senior executives. Akademiska Hus does not offer any form of variable compensation. 

Deviations from the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

Nomination Committee (code rules 1.3–1.4, 2.1–2.7, 4.6, 8.1 and 10.2)

The Code has mainly been prepared for companies with a spread of ownership. At such companies, the election committee is in the first instance a body for shareholders to prepare decisions regarding appointments. For state-owned companies, the rules regarding an election committee are replaced by principles governing a structured nomination process according to the Government’s ownership policy.


Reporting of the independence of Board members (Code rule 4.5)

The purpose of this code rule is to protect minority shareholders in limited liability companies, which is not applicable to wholly state-owned companies.

Governance and organisational chart