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About Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus is one of Sweden's largest property companies. In collaboration with universities and colleges, we aim to reinforce Sweden as a nation of knowledge.

We do this by building, developing and managing environments for education, research and innovation. We have properties all over Sweden, from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. Approximately 300,000 people study, perform research and work in our properties every day.

A proactive long-term partner

Our market share makes us Sweden's leading property company for universities and colleges. Our size, our unique focus and our local presence makes us a proactive long-term partner to our customers in developing their business. Our stable financial capacity enables us to make investments even during times of recession and financial uncertainty. This gives our customers security and helps guarantee Sweden's continued development as a knowledge nation.

Akademiska Hus is a state-owned property company. This gives us a special responsibility for being a leader in sustainability. Our long-term strategy includes increasing and intensifying our collaboration with customers – Swedish centres of education. We will strengthen and develop our dialogue with customers to achieve a deeper understanding of Akademiska Hus role as a property owner and create insight and agreement about important issues regarding sustainability and campus development. We believe that this will enable us to continue providing attractive, modern knowledge environments in the future, thus contributing to the success of centres of education.


Company facts

Property value: SEK 116.3 billion

Net revenue: SEK 7.5 billion

Market share: 60 percent

Projekt portfolio: SEK 11.9 billion

Our mission

“The mission of Akademiska Hus is to own, develop and manage properties for universities and colleges, with a primary focus on education and research activities. The company's operations shall be carried out in a businesslike manner and yield competitive profits by adapting our rents to the company's business risk. Akademiska Hus shall work to promote a sustainable long-term development of university and college campuses.”

Our clarified mission was approved by the Swedish Parliament in December 2013.