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Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns. Our head office is in Gothenburg and interacts with our local offices all over Sweden. Do you want to report a problem in one of our buildings? You can do so quickly and easily using our maintenance request.

Akademiska Hus AB

VAT: 556459-9156
Visiting Adress:       Stampgatan 14
  41101 Göteborg

Billing Adress: 

FE 35
  838 73 Frösön
Telephone: +46 (0)31-63 24 00
E-mail: info@akademiskahus.se


To contact a specific employee by e-mail: 


Local Offices

Our local offices are located in Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund, Stockholm, Uppsala and Umeå. We also have operations offices all over the country. For questions regarding the operations offices, please call our switchboard or send an email message to: info@akademiskahus.se.



Visiting adress:                           Visiting adress:
Stampgatan 14 Olaus Magnus väg 34
411 01 Gothenburg 583 30 Linköping
Delivery adress: Delivery adress:
Box 483 Olaus Magnus väg 34
401 27 Gothenburg 583 30 Linköping



Visiting adress: Visiting adress:
Ole Römers väg 2 Berzelius väg 8
223 63 Lund 171 65 Solna
Delivery adress: Delivery adress:
Ole Römers väg 2 Box 1394
223 63 Lund 171 65 Solna



Visiting adress:  Visiting adress:
Artedigränd 2  Artillerigatan 7
901 87 Umeå  752 37 Uppsala
Delivery adress:  Delivery adress:
Box 7985  Villavägen 20
901 87 Umeå  75236 Uppsala