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Henrik Mortensen
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Campus development in collaboration

Our campuses are more than workplaces. During their study years, today's and tomorrow's students will spend an increasing proportion of their waking hours at their chosen centre of education. The possibilities offered to them – in addition to education and research – will play a key role in attracting students and researchers.

On campuses, culture will be created and consumed to an increasing extent – perhaps through new exciting collaborations between the centre of education and external players. In addition, sports, leisure and other special interests will be cultivated, and students may even make future professional contacts on the campus.

Today's and tomorrow's students need opportunities to meet, both in planned and spontaneous forms. Consequently, we need to create space for creativity and innovation that allows students to develop their interests and contact networks.

To an increasing extent, knowledge environments are offering services that cater to all aspects of residents everyday lives. Tomorrow's students may become accustomed to having preschools, travel agencies, grocery shops and bicycle repair shops within easy walking distance and with long opening hours. Are there any limits for what can or should be provided on a campus?

For Akademiska Hus, the development of tomorrows campuses – catering to all aspects of life – is a key issue. As an active partner of Swedish centres of education, we have important expertise and know-how for developing attractive future knowledge environments. We also aim to contribute to an ongoing dialogue regarding this and other key sustainability issues.