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Caroline Arehult new CEO of Akademiska Hus

Monday, 8 March 2021

Caroline Arehult är ny vd för Akademiska Hus

The Board of Directors of Akademiska Hus has appointed Caroline Arehult to serve as new Chief Executive Officer. She will succeed Kerstin Lindberg Göransson, who is leaving her position in the autumn.

Caroline, who holds a degree in engineering, has extensive experience from the property industry. She most recently held the position of CEO at Hemfosa, a company focused on community properties that was purchased by SBB in early 2020. Before that she held a number of executive positions within the Skanska Group, most recently as CEO of Skanska Fastigheter Stockholm AB. Caroline also has good insight into operations at Akademiska Hus since she has served on the company’s Board of Directors for one year, but left for reasons related to competition when she took up the position of CEO at Hemfosa.

“By hiring Caroline Arehult Akademiska Hus will have a CEO with extensive expertise in the property industry, a genuine interest in sustainability and a clear focus on providing good operational environments for both customers and tenants. We are pleased to be able to welcome Caroline back. Akademiska Hus will now have a CEO who will continue the development journey on which the company is travelling – being a development-focused partner and provider of premises and services that strengthen the appeal of the customers and their activities,” says Anitra Steen, Chair of the Board for Akademiska Hus. 

Akademiska Hus is one of the country’s largest property companies which, together with academia, industry and the community, is developing sustainable and attractive knowledge environments. The company, which is owned by the Swedish state, invests about SEK 2.5–3 billion annually in new construction, renovations and extensions to strengthen Sweden as a nation of knowledge. Around 300,000 people work, study and carry out research every day in buildings that Akademiska Hus built and now manages. 

“It feels incredibly inspirational to be able to continue the great job that Kerstin has been doing and to work with my future colleagues at Akademiska Hus to optimally build, develop and manage our knowledge environments. I am passionate about education and am convinced that knowledge is essential for creating an inclusive and sustainable society. Akademiska Hus has an important mandate and I look forward to working with employees and tenants to continue to strengthen Sweden as a nation of knowledge,” says Caroline Arehult. 

Caroline will take over the position of CEO in the autumn. Current CEO Kerstin Lindberg Göransson will then be available to assist the company until the end of the year.