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Akademiska Hus sells property in Uppsala

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Akademiska Hus säljer fastighet i Uppsala

Akademiska Hus has signed an agreement with Hemsö on the sale of the property Kronåsen 1:15 in Uppsala. The purchase price of the sale is calculated based on an underlying property value of SEK 714 million.

The property Kronåsen 1:15 comprises 68,700 square metres of land with about twenty buildings totalling 36,600 square metres. The property is located in what is known as the ITC area of the Polacksbacken Campus in central Uppsala. The area is designated a historic monument and large parts are currently rented by Uppsala University.

Beginning in 2021, the centre of education will vacate the premises and move its operations to the Ångström Laboratory, a building that is owned by Akademiska Hus and the company is currently renovating and expanding. Akademiska Hus will thereby no longer be able to rent out Kronåsen 1:15 to its core customer, which is colleges and universities.

“The property is perfect for compulsory school and upper secondary school activities. We believe it is more appropriate for a property owner with this focus area to take over. Hemsö has its sights set on long-term ownership with a strong interest in contributing to the continued development of the area,” says Peter Bohman, Market Area Director at Akademiska Hus.

Hemsö is acquiring the property from Akademiska Hus in order to be able to participate in Uppsala Municipality’s procurement of upper secondary school services.

“We are extremely pleased to have won the municipality’s procurement process for a lease for a new upper secondary school in Uppsala. This means that we can begin the project to adapt the area and create an attractive upper secondary school campus and compulsory school,” says Jonas Jalkander, project developer at Hemsö.

Hemsö will take possession on 1 June 2021 and will take over all existing leases in unchanged format.

The consultancy firm Nordanö has advised Akademiska Hus in the sale.