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How Akademiska Hus used the proceeds from its green bonds

Friday, 16 April 2021

Green Bond Investor Report 2020.

Last year Akademiska Hus issued its second green bond for a value of SEK 1,500 million. Now the company is publishing a report about the sustainable projects that the green financing has been allocated to and compliance with the terms and conditions of the green framework.

As part of the company’s financial sustainability efforts, Akademiska Hus issued its second green bond in October 2020.The report, which is now available on the Akademiska Hus website, shows how the green financing have been used in accordance with Akademiska Hus’ green framework.

The initiatives that have taken advantage of the green funding include investments in charging stations for electric cars and new solar parks on campuses. Another example is the construction and renovation of the university building Nya Humanisten in Gothenburg, where several comprehensive measures and solutions have led to the highest possible environmental certification.