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Green light for Sahlgrenska Life in Gothenburg

Friday, 10 December 2021

Grönt ljus för Sahlgrenska Life i Göteborg

The municipal council in Gothenburg has adopted a new local plan for care and research at Per Dubbsgatan. The decision is an important step for ensuring that Sahlgrenska Life – one of Sweden’s largest life science initiatives – becomes reality. For Akademiska Hus, the adopted plan means consent for two building rights – one that will be sold to Intea Ängården and one that can be used for potential future development at Medicinareberget.

Sahlgrenska Life is an operational project between the University of Gothenburg and Västra Götaland Regional Council with the purpose of developing and strengthening collaboration involving research, education, health care and the business community within Life Science. A new knowledge centre will be built at the same time that Sahlgrenska University Hospital will be renovated and expanded. A building will serve as a skybridge over Per Dubbsgatan, thereby physically connecting operations on Medicinareberget with the hospital. The skybridge will be open to the public and a green environment will be created to link Medicinareberget with the Botanical Garden and Änggårdsbergen. The buildings will be built by Vitartes and Västra Götaland Regional Council’s property company, Västfastigheter. The adopted local plan will also make it possible to strengthen the links between the Medicinareberget Campus, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and public transport.

Two building rights for Akademiska Hus

The local plan grants two building rights for Akademiska Hus. The building right of 12,300 square metres will be sold to Intea Änggården when the plan gains legal force, thereby enabling Vitarte’s construction of Sahlgrenska Life. The purchase price is SEK 55 million. Akademiska Hus will keep the building right for 27,000 square metres, which can be used for possible future development by the company or by another party when the other buildings in Sahlgrenska Life are completed in 2029. In the future, the building right can become yet another way to develop the Medicinareberget Campus, enhance the attractiveness of the area and the current collaboration within life science involving health care, education and research, while also further strengthening the links to public transport in the area.