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Anna Alsborger
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Akademiska Hus sells land to Linköping Municipality

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Kartbild Campus Valla och Vallastaden

Akademiska Hus and Linköping Municipality have signed an agreement for the sale of just over 110,000 square metres of land adjacent to the Vallastaden district for a purchase price of about SEK 150 million.

The sale concerns three separate plots of land that form part of the main property Linköping Intellektet 1, located east of Campus Valla and directly adjacent to the development district of Vallastaden. Akademiska Hus is selling the land to Linköping Municipality so that the municipality can draw up local plans for the expansion of Vallastaden.

“This will enable Vallastaden to continue growing and make the area even more attractive, with innovative new architecture, more housing and expanded services,” says Muharrem Demirok (C), chairman of the community development committee.

The sale of the land will also enhance the appeal of Campus Valla.

“In the longer term, the sale will make Campus Valla even more attractive. Being close to a larger, integrated district will enhance the area and clearly link Campus Valla with Linköping, as well as strengthening the existing links with Vallastaden and Linköping Science Park,” says Anna Alsborger, facilities manager at Akademiska Hus.

Linköping Municipality will take possession on 1 June 2022.