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Property management

We provide high quality property management with a focus on resource-efficiency and long-term sustainability. With a well-planned strategy for issues such as premises requirements and energy supply, combined with strong know-how of knowledge environments, we manage our properties so that they maintain high long-term standards.

To us, property management is an umbrella term for all technical and financial operations carried out during a building's lifespan. During the property management process, we develop the quality and content of our services to meet customers' changing needs.

Akademiska Hus currently manages over 3.4 million square metres of rentable area consisting of 45 percent educational premises, 35 percent laboratory premises and 20 percent other premises.

Property-based service

Every business is different, and our customers' needs vary according to their business. But they also vary over time in accordance with changing conditions. This makes it crucial that premises can be adapted to suit the activities conducted in them. For this reason, Akademiska Hus offers services linked to each individual property so that the premises can be optimised for each customers' needs over time.

Examples of property-based services:

  • Adaptation to tenants
  • Accessibility adaptation
  • Production- and process-related media provision
  • Ventilated workplaces
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Monitoring of cooler and freezer rooms