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Our energy initiatives

We work to achieve a property portfolio in which the climate impact from each building is minimised through long-term sustainable choices regarding construction and technology. The energy needs of the buildings account for the greatest contribution to climate impact within property operations. Buildings with good energy performance are therefore fundamental to a future-proof property portfolio.

Akademiska Hus has a clear target of reducing energy consumption in our operations. By 2025, the quantity of delivered energy, including energy that our customers use in their operations, will be reduced to one half of what it was in 2000. We base our decisions regarding climate and energy efficiency measures in property operations on the parameters of reduced energy consumption and finances and work to develop calculation models and purchasing strategies that provide increased climate benefit. When considering an investment, alternative solutions must always be formulated and compared. Our aim is for all purchased energy to be fossil free and we actively support increased traceability from production source to our actual use.

To achieve this overarching energy target, while also moving towards our climate target, we are active in three main areas – Reduce, Collaborate and Promote.

  • Reduce
    The primary focus is on reducing energy needs in the property portfolio; here, we place great emphasis on our daily work. With energy-efficient assets, we create economic and sustainability values, benefitting both our customers and ourselves. Ensuring that our buildings have low energy needs is always the first step in our energy procedure before we move on to how we provide energy.

  • Collaborate
    Through collaboration between the properties in our aggregate holdings, we take advantage of energy surpluses and deficits between the buildings so that our total energy needs can be reduced. If possible, we collaborate with the energy suppliers’ systems to optimise energy delivery with respect to power and climate.

  • Promote
    We promote the use of energy with a low climate impact by encouraging installation of local renewable energy facilities. We also act to provide an impetus to the energy industry by actively requesting delivery of heating and cooling with a low climate impact.

Other property operations

In addition to a strong focus on reducing both energy needs and climate impact from energy use in our property operations, we also address climate impact from other activities, for example by purchasing grounds management services with a low climate impact, gradually phasing in more climate-efficient air conditioners, and focusing on reduced leakage of refrigerants in current cooling systems.

In-house operations

In our own operations, we are intensively focusing on educational activities regarding sustainability and climate, in order to increase the awareness and commitment of all employees about the challenges we face. We believe that everyone can join in and contribute, regardless of role or function, and that through our talented, curious and motivated employees, we can make a big difference. We address the climate footprint of our operations mainly by moving towards reduced air travel and by actively promoting and encouraging sustainable commuting for our employees.

The sun gives us energy

In 2022, we had a total of 141 facilities in our property holdings that produce 12 million kWh of renewable electricity annually for Swedish centres of education. Up to and including the year 2024, we plan to take further measures and install more solar power facilities, which, when completed, will help Akademiska Hus to achieve solar power production of 14 million kWh per year.