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Living campus

A campus is made up of closely linked property holdings in an attractive setting. On the campus there are communal buildings for research, education, library facilities, restaurants, physical activities etc. An integrated campus creates the conditions for innovative encounters and is to an increasing extent an important prerequisite for internationally recognised education and research.

Student housing located nearby and access to accommodation for researchers are also important factors. Akademiska Hus does not build student accommodation or premises to satisfy the needs of industry. However, Akademiska Hus co-operates with municipalities to ensure that these needs are satisfied close to the campus. Co-operation with the municipalities is also important in order to co-ordinate internal and external infrastructures in the form of communications, cycle paths, parking facilities and proximity to various service facilities.

Why campus matters - Amir Hajrasouliha


Amir Hajrasouliha was invited to our Annual meeting in april 2017, but due to the travel ban he had to cancel his visit. In this interview he tell us more about his interesting results about campus development.