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Our view of sustainability

As one of the largest property companies in the country, Akademiska Hus has a large responsibility to make a long-term contribution to the development of a sustainable society. The sustainability perspective is therefore included in all of our procedures and decisions. For us, sustainability entails minimising the climate impact of individual buildings just as much as ensuring that an entire campus promotes the interplay of social, financial and environmental values. 

When we accept full responsibility for campus development, in close collaboration with Sweden’s centres of education, the focus is on the people who spend time on campus. In order for people to thrive and enjoy themselves in circumstances that facilitate performance we need to create environments that meet many different needs. This applies both indoors and outdoors, as well as to physical and virtual environments. We also search for solutions that meet both current and future needs. 

The path towards climate neutrality  

Building and managing properties and developing campuses affect the climate and the environment in many ways. Both the construction and operation of buildings are associated with heavy consumption of resources such as materials and energy, and we also generate a large amount of waste.  

In 2018 Akademiska Hus formulated ambitious targets that will contribute to a climate-neutral society. We have adopted a vision for a zero carbon footprint, which will be achieved through climate-neutral internal operations and property operations by 2025 and climate-neutral project operations by 2045.

Sustainability coordinator for the entire country  

Just as important as leading the industry in climate optimisation is creating value for our owner, stakeholders and customers, as well as being a good employer for our workforce of more than 480 employees.  
We work every day to improve our operations from a sustainability perspective. Employees who specialise in the environment and the working environment support our operations in several locations around the country through a company-wide network for management of common sustainability issues at Akademiska Hus. 

Accident-free workplaces 

Job satisfaction and a safe and healthy workplace are factors for success, and will be given high priority in all our operations and the projects we manage. Our goal is to achieve workplaces that are totally free from accidents. As part of Akademiska Hus’ objective to achieve a workplace that is totally free from accidents, we are one of the orchestrators of the “Håll Nollan” initiative in which we collaborate with the industry to promote common aggressive requirements for all stakeholders in the industry.