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Our view of sustainability

As Sweden’s largest property developers and managers, we have major opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable society and it is when we work in closely with our customers that we achieve the best results.

We base our sustainability initiatives on the ten principles of the Global Compact and focus these efforts by basing our value creation on the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. The sustainability perspective is deeply integrated into our entire business and our targets and activities support the Global Goals and associated targets that we considered to be the highest priorities. By doing so, we help to achieve the Global Goals.

Value-adding learning environments

With climate-smart and innovative investments in our campuses and a viable commercial approach we create long-term benefit for both participators and the environment. We also focus heavily on the social perspectives related to well-being and accessibility.

  • We take a holistic approach to sustainable campus development
  • We promote long-term and sustainable management
  • We develop and broaden our service offering
  • We develop our innovation work

Resource-efficient operations

We use the assets at our disposal and the resources we consume more efficiently to reduce the burden on the environment. Collaboration on innovations is crucial and builds a high development capacity.

  • We constantly develop our energy initiatives
  • The path to climate neutrality by 2035
  • We build sustainably
  • We develop our innovation work

Responsible relationships and caring for people

We strive to achieve high transparency in our customer relationships to create understanding of our role and our mission. We set clear requirements for high ethical standards that both we and our suppliers must meet, so that together we can contribute to a sustainable society. By working proactively for a healthy and safe work environment for both employees and customers, as well as suppliers, we improve the industry and strengthen our relationship with our participators.

  • We are initiators and members of Håll Nollan
  • We work with sustainable supplier chains
  • We have a transparent rent-setting model
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