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Researcher and student housing

Akademiska Hus actively works to make housing construction adjacent to campus possible. The campus plan is the most important tool in this initiative. Since 2012, planning always includes housing for students and researchers, whether the proposal entails building housing on land that Akademiska Hus owns, or on land belonging to some other property owner. Thanks to the recently changed brief from the Swedish state, we can also build and own student accommodation ourselves

There are many good reasons to build more housing for students and researchers in Sweden. The most obvious, of course, is that they should not have to turn down educational opportunities or academic positions due to a housing shortage. In addition, today we also often talk about vibrant 24-hour campuses, the importance of the higher education institutions for local community growth and for the development of Sweden as a nation of knowledge. For us it is obvious that housing for students and researchers represents an important piece of the puzzle in order to achieve the bigger picture.

At Akademiska Hus we believe in collaborative projects like Sthlm6000+. If problems are shared, responsibility must also be shared. We want to collaborate and benefit from the knowledge, experience and activities of many participants.