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Akademiska Hus has been a borrower on the public market since 1996 when the domestic Medium Term Note programme (MTN) and a commercial paper programme were established. In line with growth in the balance sheet further loan facilities were established – the Euro Commercial Paper programme (ECP) in 1997 and the Euro Medium Term programme (EMTN) in 1998. One of the aims of the various financing programmes is to secure cost-effective financing on the sub-markets that value Akademiska Hus' credit rating the highest.

Since 1996 Akademiska Hus has had a long-term AA-rating with a stable outlook and a short term rating of A1+ / K1 from Standard & Poor's. The ratings reflect Akademiska Hus key role as owner and manager of high-quality premises for universities and colleges, the strong involvement of the Swedish state in higher education and research and the long-term objectives of the owners.


Financial information

Our financial information sheets, which are to be found in the menu to the right, contain a brief description of Akademiska Hus, information about our properties, tenants and management, details of financing operations during the past year, brief information about our rating and a number of key ratios.