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Anna Alsborger
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Akademiska Hus helps bring new undergraduate and graduate student housing to Flemingsberg Campus

Friday, 15 September 2023

Nya studentbostäder på Campus Flemingsberg.

Akademiska Hus is one of the parties selling land to ByggVesta that will make it possible to build 800 new undergraduate and graduate student housing units on the Flemingsberg Campus in Huddinge.

In preparation for a formal decision from Huddinge municipality regarding the local plan for the Flemingsberg Campus, ByggVesta is buying land from Akademiska Hus and the Clara Foundation. The aim is for the 800 new student housing units, complemented by new amenities and inviting neighbourhoods, to foster a contemporary and appealing campus environment. The project has been under development since 2016 and has now evolved to meet student needs, while complementing current residential and commercial properties.

“Building more undergraduate and graduate student housing is fundamental to the future of the centres of education, while also ensuring that no one should have to turn down educational opportunities or research positions because of a housing shortage. Akademiska Hus works in a variety of ways to help increase construction of student housing, including by selling land to other participants,” says Anna Alsborger, facilities manager at Akademiska Hus.

ByggVesta expects that the local plan process will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023 and that construction can be scheduled for the spring of 2024. The first phase of the project of approximately 400 apartments is expected to be completed over a period from late 2025 to mid-2026.