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Help – maintenance requests

It is quick and easy to make maintenance requests. Follow the four steps below. If you frequently make maintenance requests, we recommend you to register as a Professional service booker. You will find more information below.

How to make a maintenance request

  1. First, find the campus where your building is located. You can find it here.
  2. In the list of buildings, find the name of your building and click on it.
  3. In the form that opens up, enter as much information as possible about the fault.
  4. Click “Submit”.

Who is responsible for what in the building?

For all of our buildings there is a list that shows the functions and services included in the contract. In most cases the landlord, Akademiska Hus, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of accessories for the property, i.e. fixed installations such as drains, cooling systems, ventilation, water and toilets. The tenant is often in charge for the operation and maintenance of objects and furnishings that the tenant has brought to the property.

If you have any questions, please contact the Property Manager for your building. You will find contact information on information boards in the entrances of our buildings, or call +46 (0)31-63 24 00.

Become a Professional service booker

If you frequently request maintenance for our buildings, you can create your own profile in our maintenance request system. When you do this, the system registers and saves your personal data and the buildings that you frequently request maintenance for. This saves you filling in all the details every time you request maintenance.

As a professional service booker, you can track the status of your maintenance requests. You can easily change and update all the data you enter.

Click here to register.

When you register, you can choose to enable Automatic Login, which saves you entering your e-mail address every time you log in. (Requires cookies).

Manage your buildings

Simply enter the details of the building or buildings you frequently request maintenance for. This will give you quicker access to the form every time you request maintenance.

On the “My buildings” page, search for the relevant buildings and add them to your list of buildings.

How to create a maintenance request

Go to your list of buildings and click on the building you want to request maintenance for. The maintenance request form will open up. As you can see, your personal data is already entered.

Enter as much information as possible so that our maintenance technicians can easily locate and fix the fault.

  • Required fields: error description, name + e-mail or name + phone number
  • You can send a copy of the maintenance request to another person by entering the person's e-mail address
  • You will be sent confirmation (in Swedish) when your maintenance request is received and a report when the fault has been resolved

Follow-up of maintenance requests

Your maintenance requests are saved and you can track their status on the “My maintenance requests” page.

Hover over the building's name on the list to see more information about where the fault is located. Hover over the description to see the full description you gave. You can sort through the list by clicking the column headings.

Definition of symbols:

Maintenance request received
Maintenance under progress
Maintenance request resolved