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Anna Alsborger
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Akademiska Hus invests for Amerikanska Gymnasiet

Monday, 21 August 2023

Akademiska Hus investerar för Amerikanska Gymnasiet

Frescati Hage in Stockholm is currently in an exciting phase of development as Akademiska Hus builds student housing and opens a campus for new players in education and research. Amerikanska Gymnasiet is now moving in to the area. To facilitate this establishment, Akademiska Hus is investing approximately SEK 110 million in two renovation projects.

Akademiska Hus is adapting two existing buildings at Frescati Hage for Amerikanska Gymnasiet, which will gradually move in over the next few years and become established in the area long term. The total rentable area comprises approximately 3,200 m2, which will be generally modernized and upgraded. The renovation of the first building was completed in conjunction with the start of the term in August, when Amerikanska Gymnasiet opens up in the area for the first time. The second building is expected to be finished in stages with occupancy in 2024 to 2026.

“We're very excited about how the Frescati Hage campus will develop over the next few years. This is an academic dream location in Stockholm, with outstanding premises,” says Peter Heddelin, CEO of Amerikanska Gymnasiet.

Development of Frescati Hage

In conjunction with Stockholm University moving to the new Albano campus, Akademiska Hus has been able to welcome new tenants linked to education and research at Frescati Hage. Access is available here to a cohesive cultural environment in an attractive location surrounded by nature, near Brunnsviken and the Royal National City Park. For a lively campus at all hours of the day, Akademiska Hus will soon begin yet another renovation to create new student housing at Frescati Hage.

“Campus Frescati Hage is in a very exciting phase of development and as property owners, we’re looking forward to welcoming a variety of new operations to the area, like Amerikanska Gymnasiet. Thus, we’ve placed yet another piece of the puzzle to create a campus that continues to be competitive, and that is vibrant and filled with activity,” says Anna Alsborger, facilities manager at Akademiska Hus.