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Charlotte Odbratt
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Natrium on Medicinareberget in Gothenburg is now complete

Friday, 25 August 2023

Natrium vid Göteborgs universitet

This spring saw the conclusion of the final projects on Natrium, which will cost approximately a billion Swedish kronor, and in early August, Akademiska Hus handed the keys to the University of Gothenburg. Natrium makes it possible to gather large parts of the Faculty of Science under one roof.

On top of Medicinareberget, the Natrium building is now complete. In total, the project includes 32,000 m2 of new construction and 2,000 m2 of renovation. The new construction project consists of two buildings on seven floors on either side of an area that includes features such as an atrium and meeting rooms. The project has generated several advanced lab environments, such as a phytotron, herbarium, and a microscopy division combined with flexible general labs that can be modified as needed. The building also has offices and study areas, as well as modern learning environments.

Miljöbyggnad system, Gold rating

The building is certified according to the Miljöbyggnad certification system, with a Gold rating, and has several smart energy-efficient solutions, including solar panels on the roof and demand-controlled ventilation and lighting. Choosing a building design with a smaller facade has created the conditions for energy-efficient heating. The project has also included meticulously chosen materials for both finishes and construction products, and has aimed to select locally produced products when possible. All in all, the conditions were good for reducing climate impact.

The building creates space for approximately 3,000 students and 500–600 employees in the departments of biology and environmental science, chemistry and molecular biology, marine sciences, earth sciences, conservation and the Faculty of Science administrative offices. Sharing a space creates opportunities for various departments to encounter one another, while enabling efficient use of the premises.

The building’s grand opening will be in November, but employees and students are welcome inside Natrium already in August.